Cartoonhd 4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick - 3.6g:Cartoonhd
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4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick - 3.6g:Cartoonhd

4 Head
4 Head Published in October 18, 2018, 6:08 pm
 4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick - 3.6g:Cartoonhd

4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick - 3.6g:Cartoonhd

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Mr. T
Mr. T Reply to on 2 February 2017
I suffer from headaches and migranes. This will not get rid of a migrane that is in full effect but will help along with painkillers and rest. It can help with getting rid of headaches and regular sufferers will recognise the start of a migrane and and can use this to help stop it. I always have 2 in the house and usually carry one with me. At the first sign of a headache, this can help to stop it in it's track. Regular use of painkillers is not the solution.
It is a bit on the expensive side but it does help in the majority of cases. Need to be careful not to get any in your eyes as it will sting a bit. Do not use it on the forehead regularly i.e everyday as in my case the skin started to dry and peel.
Overall this is a really good alternative to painkillers and prefer to use this first. They don't last forever, it will dry out if you leave the cap off or is left for months.
If you have never used this before, you fill find that if you have a mild headache or the start of one, it will get rid of the pain completely or provide relief for a few hours. If you use it and then sit in front of a PC, TV, tablet then that is not going to help your cause. If you go lay down somewhere where there is no noise and can block out light then, recovery should be quicker.
Luke Reynolds
Luke Reynolds Reply to on 5 December 2017
This is the only form of pain relief that will soothe the pain from a sinus headache;sinusitis .

I suffer from chronic rhinitis and keep one of these in my bag, another in my coat pocket, and another at home in the drawer. I never leave home without it!

Pain relief is instant, leaving a cool, more mild version of a "deep heat" style feeling. Doesn't burn, rather it soothes :-)
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 December 2015
I suffer from chronic headaches and so does my daughter. I found this really does work. Rub it on your forehead (as the name implies!) and wait for it to work. I have one downstairs, one upstairs and one in my handbag......
Ria 💖
Ria 💖 Reply to on 22 February 2017
Didn't think this would work ... but surprisingly it did ! as my partner kept getting headaches tried loads of things this worked , (don't put to low down the forehead though as too close to eyes and stings them a little) his headaches turned out to be vertigo and this product still helped relieve pain with having that !!!!
ellie Reply to on 21 July 2017
I have been using this for years because it really is great for bad headaches n using this means I don't have keep popping pain killers
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 June 2017
It is so small and there is barely any in the tube but it lasts for a really long time and works like a dream! feels absolutely amazing but the soothing feeling only lasts for a small amount of time.
Lorraine helm
Lorraine helm Reply to on 28 November 2014
Fabulous product , the menthol soothes your head & helps to cool & clear your headache . If you suffer from migraines it's brilliant to use and so small it fits in your pocket . The product lasts a long time & the strength is the same from first use to last. I never go any ware without it & when you get one you won't other . Change your life say good by to headaches . I did .
T Steere
T Steere Reply to on 21 February 2018
I love this stuff. It makes your head tingle which feels a bit odd at first but it really does relieve headaches. I get quite a few headaches and migraines and still take painkillers when it’s really bad, but often this distracts me enough to just carry on with my day.
Elke Reply to on 8 September 2018
Burns a little in my eyes when I rub it on my forehad, as is to be expected I guess. It does lighten a headache, and it's definitely worth a shot if you suffer a lot of headaches or migraines. It won't get rid of it entirely, but it does help.
Sunny Shah
Sunny Shah Reply to on 7 June 2017
This product is a must in my hand bag, really works well, but be careful not to go crazy as it burns after a while and your eye water, does help with easing headaches.
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