Cartoonhd PBELE 6x Ceramic Coasters with Cork Absorbent Stone Bohemia Style Coffee Drink Cup Mat:Cartoonhd
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PBELE 6x Ceramic Coasters with Cork Absorbent Stone Bohemia Style Coffee Drink Cup Mat:Cartoonhd

PBELE Published in October 18, 2018, 5:48 pm
 PBELE 6x Ceramic Coasters with Cork Absorbent Stone Bohemia Style Coffee Drink Cup Mat:Cartoonhd

PBELE 6x Ceramic Coasters with Cork Absorbent Stone Bohemia Style Coffee Drink Cup Mat:Cartoonhd

Price:£9.99+ Free shipping with Nativetribes Prime

Malcolm Reply to on 25 August 2017
These faux vinyl record coasters are fun novelties to grace your office desk or coffee table.
Made from Silicon, and grooved to represent the old 45 rpm records they come as a pack of 6
and measure approximately 10 cm or 4 inches across, big enough for coffee mugs and glasses.
They have a label which is I guess supposed to be amusing, "Keep it Clean" by The Watermarks.
The B side is smooth, non slip and they can be washed clean in warm water.
I quite like them.
ElaineG Reply to on 14 August 2015
This set of six coasters is so cute it is unbelievable. They will definitely strike a chord (pun intended) with anyone who remembers those floppy single sided records that they used to give away free with magazines many years ago. You get a set of six floppy silicon coasters approximately 3.5 inches in diameter and 3mm thick. The title of each "record" is Keep It Clean by The Coaster - which really put a smile on my face. They look very realistic, even having the hole in the centre and have been noticed by everyone who has had coffee lately in my house, bringing on some very good "Do you remember this song ..... " conversations. I do have to say though, that they are a matt finish not shiny like the ones in the listing picture).

And finally, they are easy to wipe clean.
Killswitch Reply to on 19 June 2018
Very good quality and a bit of a bargain in the Todays Deals section.

Do the job and are very easy to clean and wipe down if you spill tea etc.

Would have been a little better if the labels were actual music tracks but no issues.
Beanie Luck
Beanie Luck Reply to on 9 May 2015
These are absolutely fab.

Everyone asks me where i got them from and they are retro and funky and look really great in my lounge.

They are Silicone, no slip, protect your wood, are big enough for even starbucks mega mugs and best of all they are easily washed.

Excellent buy.
WhiteWaterOtter Reply to on 11 January 2017
Product is great quality with a classic vibe.

The silicone is very sticky, so drinks don't move on the surface even when slightly damp. The disks are flexible and wash by hand well. Have not tried them in a dishwasher, but can't foresee a reason you'd need to. The designs are simple but well printed, the size is good even for large tea mugs and overall a very simple, but good product.
Azerberjankey Reply to on 28 June 2016
Bought these as a present for someone with a recording studio as people just won't place cups on old dvd discs placed there to be used as drinks mats. They'd rather ruin the surface of a 2 grand speaker. Don't you just wanna kill someone when they put drinks on a mixing desk. He liked them so much he used them at home.
The Brentmeister
The Brentmeister Reply to on 23 July 2017
These are great little coasters. They're not only a talking point but really effective. They adhere to smooth surfaces and do not move. I'm going to buy more as gifts as so many people have commented how good they are!
Lori38 Reply to on 16 April 2017
These arrived on time. They are so cute. I purchased these to see what they are like require them for a themed party. They are just the right thickness, wipe clean and unbreakable if dropped, love them ordering some more.
Alanna Reply to on 5 July 2018
Quirky little coasters. Only slight let down was the box said 4 coasters inside on front and 2 coasters inside on the back. I had ordered 6 and it was for a gift so person receiving gift did comment on that. The box was quite cool though and looked like a little record player.
N. James
N. James Reply to on 20 July 2017
I was slightly disappointed after reading previous reviews but their a novelty for our beer garden so kept them but I wouldn't buy them again! Just rubber discs with a print on!!
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