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Jyotisa Fundamentals:Cartoonhd

Visti Larsen
Visti Larsen Published in October 18, 2018, 7:16 pm
 Jyotisa Fundamentals:Cartoonhd

Jyotisa Fundamentals:Cartoonhd

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Lets be honest
Lets be honest Reply to on 9 October 2017
Simply a masterpiece for any beginner like me. Very well explained backed up by great collective of horoscopes. Well worth the money.
Rozi M TAMAN Reply to on 3 July 2015
This book changed my carrier totatly to Jyotisha in 2008 indeed. This 2nd edition is very sophisticated indeed than first edition. More topic and more deeper knowledge in this book . I bought it from Amazon London, and book came to me in 3 days. Packet delivery was great also.
One more surprize from my Guruji Visti Larsen, He opened a FREE special knowledge section which has audio recordings of some webinars and sharing many important essays for US . To get this pls in his Rama page.
Here is the link :

Dont miss this super opportunity, namaskaram Rozi.
Robert Dotel
Robert Dotel Reply to on 2 March 2013
Beautiful new edition!

This is one of my favorite books. I own a copy of the first edition and this time I ordered the hardcover edition, which is loaded with new and expanded teachings. Additionally, this book is finely made of top quality materials.

If you are serious about Jyotish you should get a copy of this book. It doesn't matter which school or tradition you belong to, the teachings of Jyotish Guru Visti Larsen are not found in your everyday classroom.
mark minnick
mark minnick Reply to on 17 March 2013
I just received Vistis 2nd edition Of Jyotisha Fundamentals and am very pleased. The improvement to a larger size book as well as hardcover is a pleasant aesthetic upgrade. But most importantly the content of the book with the expanded section on panchanga is a most welcome addition and other additions as well speak to Visti's deepening knowledge of Jyotish. This book is a must in every Jyotish library. If you bought the first edition the purchase of the 2nd is a must. A good book just got better.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 21 November 2015
Great book but difficult for a beginner.
Guilherme Alves Pereira
Guilherme Alves Pereira Reply to on 31 May 2013
Excelent, very precise and concise. I'm thankfull for this precious work on Jyotisa. The section of Atmakaraka & Karakas is great, and the Panchanga section too.
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