Cartoonhd Stomp Box Guitar Drum - Acoustim8 Oak Wood StompBox; Series 100:Cartoonhd
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Stomp Box Guitar Drum - Acoustim8 Oak Wood StompBox; Series 100:Cartoonhd
1# Published in October 18, 2018, 5:35 pm
 Stomp Box Guitar Drum - Acoustim8 Oak Wood StompBox; Series 100:Cartoonhd

Stomp Box Guitar Drum - Acoustim8 Oak Wood StompBox; Series 100:Cartoonhd

Price:£34.90+ Free shipping

yoko9650 Reply to on 4 April 2018
Excellent little stompbox but needs some technical know how to get the very best from it by setting it up properly with a compatible sound system - mixer, amp, pre-amp, etc. If this is outside your comfort zone and you don't feel confident or capable of hooking it up to a mixer/PA or bass guitar amp you're probably going to need to look elsewhere.
I was initially put off purchasing this item by some negative posts citing low signal output levels and an 'inauthentic' bass drum sound. Having now set up my Acoustim8 in less than five minutes by plugging one end of a standard guitar lead into the Acoustim8 and the other into a Roland Bass Cube 30 practice amp and then fiddling with the compression, gain, EQ and master volume levels a little, I simply can't see what the problem is/has been.
The signal level is more than adequate (even using the Roland's bog-standard 1/4 inch bass guitar input socket rather than a more sensitive mic XLR mixer socket) and the bass drum sound crafted/EQ'd on-the-fly is impressively realistic, particularly after dialling in a little reverb warmth (thanks to an earlier poster for this tip).

A little technical knowledge together with the right professional equipment are required to properly set up this little beauty. The results are certainly worth the endeavour as this is a first rate little stomp box.
Martin Ohara
Martin Ohara Reply to on 12 September 2014
Four star because there are some issues with output level and noise on some PA/mixers. Weirdly on my mixer one channel is fine and another is noisy. You need a microphone input to get the right level of gain to allow this to make decent audible noises into a PA/amp, otherwise it's too quiet. It does what it says, but could do with a better output level. I use via a mini-mixer into a guitar amp and it just about manages to be audible with a lot of gain on the mic channel at the mixer. Packaging as noted elsewhere was very basic, but adequate.

Once you get the sound right, being relatively large does mean you can get some other FX out of it, for example sliding your foot over it can produce a sort of brushed sound. If you have small feet like me you can also get a 2-foot pattern going, although I find that difficult to maintain.
AJBP Reply to on 7 June 2016
Really impressed with this stompbox, its solid and has a quality feel to it. I've been using it through a PA system and once the output has been EQ's with a little bit of reverb, it gives a deep and full tone almost like a bass drum. This is perfect to give a bit of bass and rhythm where don't currently have a bass guitar or drums in our set up.
Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan Reply to on 5 January 2016
Nice product but needs a lot of amp fiddling to get the sound right - You have to drop the mid-range and high-end off completely, so it needs an amp all of its own really.

That said, once set-up, it's lovely little stomp-box and good value for money.

It was delivered promptly and very well packaged. I would definitely recommend this product and seller.
stopgapcat Reply to on 19 July 2018
It takes a bit of time, but plug this in to something with a decent bass response, add some reverb (plate reverb works for me), try tapping it with different footwear in different places and you'll get something pretty darn close to a miked up bass drum. A surprisingly lovely bit of kit for the price.
Paulus Reply to on 27 March 2018
Looked around a long time for the best value no gimmicks stomp box!
Acoustim8 was the compromise between effectiveness for price or building one myself.
It does exactly what it says. I use it regularly now, plugged into my Acer Compact. You can plug it straight into the amp/ desktop, adjust the highs and trebles, up the bass to the sound you want. If you have a gain control on the channel, use this to increase thump.
Unfortunately it does not come with cable which would have earned 5 Stars!
astol Reply to on 23 August 2018
Well built quality stomp box.Straight forward to use/plug and play.Great for solo performance enhancement.
Bladex Reply to on 8 June 2015
Great piece of kit! I use it as a bass drum for my Movebox (a wearable Cajon). Had an issue when it arrived with a squeaky foot but vendor response was excellent and new feet were duly dispatched. If the output level is a bit low for you, do what I did and get a Behringer PB100 pedal to not only boost the signal but also EQ it so you can go straight into a PA/AMP without the need for full channel EQ. Sounds amazing!
Jacklyn Stansfield
Jacklyn Stansfield Reply to on 22 August 2018
Nice looking piece of equipment, arrived 2 days early than expected. I need to somehow work out the volume as I'm not technical minded. It sustained a little bit of damage upon on arrival although it was packed quite well, must have been dropped at some stage as there was one corner was damaged otherwise very pleased.
robert finch
robert finch Reply to on 23 February 2018
Once set up my mixer gives a good background beat. When it arrived however, the base was coming away and I had to re-glue it.
If using the box on floorboards it does need a carpet tile underneath as it needs to be level to perform properly - also stops it sliding away.
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